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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Corrections Badge


I had several dates that disagreed with one another. Here is a summary of Due Dates for projects 13, 14, 15

Project #13 - A written summary of what you did in collaborating solely through technology for Project #15 (and perhaps some of #16). This is an experiment. We want a summary of what tools you used, how you went about communicating, what worked, what didn't. Post this summary on one person's blog. Repeat on others OR provide link to posted summary. Due Sunday May 6.

Project #14 - Basics of SMARTboard Use - Individual video - DUE April 1 but due to date confusion we will accept until April 15.

Project #15 - Collaborative SMARTboard lesson/instruction - DUE April 29

Project #16 - Final Project - Collaborative - DUE May 6


  1. NICE....clear, concise, and to the point!! Thanks!

  2. Thank you Dr. Strange for clearing up all of our due dates!