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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

C4T Corrections

C 4 T

Several students have notified me that their C4T #4 teacher was the same as their C4T #3 teacher. If they contacted me by 4/11/2011 I have reassigned them and the correct assignment is shown on the tab C4T#4 Original (4/1-4/22).

Other students may have had different teachers on the Original Assignment tab. If so, they can continue with that teacher or use the assignment on the MODIFIED tab.

FOR THE REST OF YOU, use the Tab MODIFIED C4T#4 (4/1-4/22) with is at the BOTTOM of the Doc. READ THE EXPLANATION BELOW.

Modern spreadsheets have tabs which are really additional pages at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Look at the bottom of the C4T (or C4K) Doc. You will find tabs for other pages that are part of the spreadsheet. Look at the pictures below:

Original TAB Selected
Original TAB selected

Modified TAB selected


  1. I'm confused. My teacher is the same. What do I need to do?

  2. My teacher is the same as well. I wasn't sure what I needed to do about it. This is my first time notifying you of the issue.

  3. Look at the bottom of the Doc. Click on the TAB labeled MODIFIED. It is different from the Original. One of the two should work for you.