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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Sixth Grader Demonstrates Why You Do Videos in EDM310

Watch this video by a sixth grader after reading her comments and her teacher's comment in the blog post. Leave Lauren a comment on her class blog. (See below.)

I left her one in which I said that she demonstrates why you must make videos, why you must encourage creativity, why you must reflect on what you have done, and why you must be prepared to learn from your students. And I would I add that I hope you are as creative in your work for EDM310 as Lauren has been in her work for her 6th grade class!


Leave a comment for LAUREN on her class blog (where the movie is embedded and her comments are reported). Follow the normal procedures when doing so.

Thanks to Laura Holifield and William Chamberlain for recommending this wonderful post and video.


  1. Do we leave the comment on her class blog? The blog where the link to the video is located?

  2. #EDM310 students, I want to emphasize that while there are many examples of students creating great videos online they are still a very small minority of all students. The ease at which we can now share media can make things seem different than they really are. Don't get intimidated by these amazing students, find a way to encourage your students to be amazing in their own way.

  3. Thank you all for those wonderful words of encouragement. I’m sure they mean a lot to her.

    @wmchamberlain Makes a great point. Every student when encouraged and given the freedom to explore options can find something to do in their own amazing way!! Although I will say, this has encouraged many other students in Lauren's class to "raise their game" and try even harder on their next project.

    One of the things I’ve learned through this process is that when students are given time and are encouraged to be creative the possibilities are endless. Seems one of the important jobs of a teacher is to provide opportunity for students to pursue their passions. Look for the intersections of what we are trying to accomplish in class and the “material we’re supposed to cover” in the curriculum.

    It’s the never ending challenge for teachers. Mile wide and an inch deep or an inch wide and a mile deep? With this project Lauren (as well as other students) definitely chose the inch wide and a mile deep approach. Because of this decision she created something she can be proud of as well as a great memory!! And yes, she learned the customary and where it fits into God’s world.

    Thank you all again!!

  4. Hey Lauren,
    My name is Cynthia Arrington, a student in the EDM310 course at the University of South Alabama.
    I would like to commend you on a job well done on your video explaining the customary system. What an amazing job! You have learned the system very well, but more importantly, you were very effective in teaching the system to others. Using commercials was also a creative way of keeping your viewers' attention.
    Keep up the good work, young lady, for you are going places real fast!

    Cynthia Arrington
    University of South Alabama