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Monday, February 13, 2012

C4K (Assignment #2) Now in Docs

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This week we visit a number of countries including the United States, Tobago and Australia. The types of web sites that we visit also vary. In some cases you will be commenting on a student's blog that is part of a class blog. In others you will comment only on the class blog. In most, the student will have a blog on which to post.

A Reminder
1, Review the class blog for the student you are assigned and any instructions that may be found there.
2. Find out as much as you can about the class you are visiting.
3. If your assigned student does not have a post, or if you cannot leave a comment for any reason, select another student and notify
4. I have provided Twitter addresses for the teachers where I could. You may Tweet them if you wish.
5. Use good grammar. Spell correctly. Do not write as if you were texting.
6. Proofread.
7. Constantly reflect on how you might blog in your classroom and what tools you might use.

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  1. We're looking forward to the comments from EDM 310 (Thank you!).

    My students blog at: