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Monday, October 3, 2011

C4K Assignment This Week and A Tale of Twitter

current New Zealand flag and possible alternative

Last Monday, as I was working on C4K, I found a request for participation in a poll on which New Zealand flag you liked best. That became part of everyone's assignment last week. Then last Friday we got this comment on the EDM310 Class Blog:
Hi from New Zealand

I'm not sure if I am on the right blog but I wanted to say WOW!! Thanks so much for all the comments on our class blog. We have over the last week had so much interest in our New Zealand Flag Debate. We feel very special that your class have picked us and are interested enough to participate.

I just wanted to let you know that the children will be writing about their point of view and why they chose their flag next week. I will also be putting up the results of the poll.

I am also really interested to know what your study is at the moment and how it ties in with a junior blog?
You can contact me direct if you wish

Keep those comments coming... The kids love comments!

Thanks again
Lynne Laburn @llaburn and the Room 3 children

So I responded that I found out about the survey on Twitter. Soon we will know how you responded to the survey as part of your assignment last week. Because of Twitter we are establishing new friends a long way away from us in two directions!

This week many of you will be connecting with Room 3 at Point View School in Dannemore, Auckland, New Zealand. The rest of you will establish a connection with Room 3 either next week or the next. All because of Twitter.

We begin now to visit class blogs as opposed to individual student blogs. Please follow the instructions contained on your C4K assignments this week.

1 comment:

  1. Hi everyone in EDM310

    Thank you so much for your participation and positive input towards our NZ flag survey. The results have now been posted.

    Some of you will have received direct comments on your blogs from students in Room 3. If you haven't received a reply please check your original comment as we may have replied directly on the blog post.

    (I noticed though that some of you don't have your blogs set up so that comments are moderated - probably a good idea to do this as it stops spam being posted directly onto your blog without you realising. If you do have it set up for moderation an email is then sent to you before the comment is posted so that you can moderate it first.) Just a tip :)

    It has been amazing to see the children's faces when find a new comment.

    Sienna's mum had warm fuzzies when she read Larry's comment...
    "Thank you for your video and post you both made my day."
    Awesome feedback!!

    Keep them coming!