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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Additional Skype Instructions - Deadline Now 11/13

We had hoped to have a list of local artists, teachers and government officials for you to interview. That did not work out. So we will follow Plan B.

You may interview anyone you wish as long as the subject matter is education and technology.

Some ideas:

Preferred Option:Contact the author of the book for which you did a trailer. See if the author will consent to an interview. If so, this should be your number 1 priority.

Special Opportunity #1. We will soon be announcing a contest which will involve making a video as part of the USA 50th anniversary fund raising drive. Details of this contest will be posted on the Class Blog no later than Monday October 31. Chris Smith, a member of the USA Development Team, will soon provide me a list of 5 - 10 names of graduates of USA with an interesting story to tell about what South has meant to them. A very limited number of you could use those contacts. If you are interested, send me an email. Better yet, find your own USA alumnus - maybe one who stated USA in the early years. Or any graduate with an interesting story about how USA has shaped their life. Interview them.

Special Opportunity #2.Interview Jarrod,the 2nd grader in Australia who is a prolific blogger. His mother has said that would be possible if we can make the time work. A Saturday in Australia would be best so that would be a Friday in Mobile. Jarrod attends the Leopold Primary School in Victoria, Australia. Victoria is 16 hours ahead of us. To interview leopold the best time to do it would be on a Friday between 3 and 6 pm (7 am and 10 am in Victoria). Let me know if you are interested. I have Jarrod's mother's email address. We can set it up. It should be a lot of fun and very informative!

Special Opportunity #3.
Kevin McLaughlin, one of the teachers on our C4T list, emailed me and suggested someone Skype him. An excellent idea!

Contact a teacher whom you have followed for C4T. I think most will say yes to a Skype interview.

Contact a Twitter friend and member of your PLN. Most would be delighted to be interviewed. You can tell them that they will be posted to the EDM310 podcast feed.

Contact a person whose work you have read/watched/listened to as part of a blog assignment. Most will be delighted to talk with you.

Contact a local teacher or school administrator.

Contact a USA faculty member (any department) or any USA administrator. Many will be willing to be interviewed.

Specific Instructions for the Interview:

1. Think about the questions that you want to ask IN ADVANCE. Share them (by email) with the person interviewed but warn them that you may rephrase the question or ask other questions.

2. Make this conversational. Avoid a scripted format. Interact with the interviewee.

3. Try to not go over 15 minutes so it can be one YouTube video without editing.

4. Start with a brief introduction of your guest and then ask them to tell you something interesting about their connection with your topic. Warn them about this IN ADVANCE.

You MUST read the full instructions on page 30 of the Projects Instruction Manual.

If you have trouble with the video and it threatens the integrity of your interview with an important subject (unlikely to be able to do over, etc.), then only do audio. Do not use this as a route to avoid trying your best to do video, however.

You may find it easier to record from the lab.

DUE DATE is now Sunday November 13.

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