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Monday, December 6, 2010

Wrapping Up the Semester

A few last reminders:

1. Post your video self reflection by midnight Sunday 12/12. The submission of notes/outlines has been changed to OPTIONAL. (The video is still REQUIRED.) Complete instructions are under Blog Post 15 found on p.12 of the Blog Instructions.
2. Complete the questionnaire (Final Reflection/Exam) by Sunday 12/12. The link will be emailed to you on Wednesday 12/8
3. Post your missing materials/assignments as soon as possible.
4. YouTube and iMovie has been difficult this weekend so I have moved the Final Project Due Date to Wednesday night 12/8 assuming we get YouTube and iMovie straightened out by then.
5. Be sure a staff member approves your Foliotek submission BEFORE 5pm Thursday 12/9.
6. Vote for EDM310 Class Blog in the Edublog Awards contest if you wish to.
7. Send a free Thank You to our troops.
8. Watch the surprise Hallelujah Chorus. It's great (4:57)
Surprise singer


  1. Can I also throw it out there that Screentoaster isn't working at all? I saw a rumor on the internet that they've completely shut down Screentoaster. This makes it tricky to screen capture. I know there's screenjelly, but that only allows you to capture 3 minutes (not long enough)! Any suggestions for a screen capturing site?

  2. Try Screenr. It works through Twitter.

  3. Would I just post the twitter link to the video on my blog?

  4. It should give you an option to either get the embed code, or you should be able to upload it to Youtube.


  6. To Dr Strange and his fantastic students,
    I would like to say thank you to all those students from your class who have left comments on the blogs attached to my 'Kids in the Mid' class ICT blog.

    In particular, though, I would like to give special thanks to Adelaide Dupont who has left literally hundreds of comments and added to many conversations with some of those students.

    Every day I check how my students have moderated their comments, and nearly every day there would be at least ten comments from Adelaide.

    Again many thanks from Miss W aka tasteach and her students at 'Kids in the Mid.'