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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Special Blog Post Assignment Due July 1, 2015

Picture of Heidi Hayes Jacobs
Assignments 1 and 1a:
Last Tuesday June 23, 2015 I spent the day at a worksop for all teachers at Gulf Shores Elementary School. The workshop leader was Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs. Look her up in Google!

Here are some comments she made which I want you to think about. I am not asking you to read them as fast as you can, but to THINK about what she means and what her comments have to say about your approach to teaching:

"Assessment is evidence - not what the teacher says or provides to a student."

"Doctors do not think about how they dispense drugs but rather whether the patients get better or not."

"Learners now create and share knowledge differently from other generations of learners."

We will discuss these further when we meet on June 30, 2015. Anthony Capps will be with us. He was also at the workshop and will share his thoughts with us.

Assignment 2:

Dr. Jacobs has a fabulous web site: Curriculum21 When you get to her website, click on Clearinghouse. She has 68 resources available in the Clearinghouse. Near the top there is Show …. sorted by …. containing… . This allows you to organize the list in different ways. Let your cursor hover over all resources. You can see your choices. The same is true for the other boxes. You can also use the next button (at the top and bottom of each page)to view all of the resources in more detail.

From her 68 resources, find 6 that are particularly interesting to you or that could be useful to you as a teacher. In separate sections of your blog post (use bold headers like I have done in this blog post, e.g.Assignment 2), identify the resource, provide a link to it, describe why it is of interest to you and how it might be useful to you as a teacher. This is NOT to be done as fast as you can but as thoroughly and thoughtfully as you can.


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