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Friday, May 29, 2015

Important Information and Changed Instructions

Snoqualmie Falls in the state of Washington
1. All pictures of members of both summer classes can be found at

Follow the instructions in the Activity Manual activity #5

NOTE: Google has changed the way you add a picture for some users (they are slowly making the changes available). Therefore some of you may have to add your picture through Google+ rather than Google. Consult with a Lab Assistant or call any of us for help. If you are still having problems we will address the issue next Thursday.

2. I changed the first C4C assignment for the 2:00 class yesterday. I would also like to change it for the 10:20 class. Do your first C4C on the Practice Blog post of the students assigned to you. You will have two classmates for whom you will leave a comment. The assignments have been shared with you in your Google Docs. So… C4C # 1 will be on the PRACTICE Doc of your assigned students and will be due this Sunday midnight (5/31)

3. I am sending this by email as well as publishing it on the Class Blog because some of you may not yet be regularly checking the Cl;ass Blog. You must learn to do that daily.

4. Come to the Lab, text or call us for help. Anytime except between 11pm and 6 am.

5. See you next Thursday if not before.

6. I am sent this as an email to your jagmail account and your gmail account since you may not have yet developed the habit of using your gmail account for EDM310. The rest of my emails will go ONLY to your gmail account.

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