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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Public Service Annoucement (PSA): Two

As of 02/19/15, if you have completed  60 percent (60%) or more of the assignments in this course, you have spoken with your instructor about your situation if you have less than 50% of your assignments completed, have discussed a completion strategy with your instructor to make up for your late assignments, AND you are actively engaged in the process of completing your tardy assignments, what follows will not apply to you.

 Otherwise, at this point in this course, you have three choices:
  1. At your convenience and as soon as possible, you are welcome to contact your instructor directly to discuss your situation AND make a series of appointments with the Lab Staff as required components of your attempt to complete this assignments. 
  2. If there is time left on the USA Academic Calendar, you can withdraw from this course without a grading penalty (i.e., withdraw passing) 
  3. You can do nothing and wait for your instructor to give you a failing grade for this course. 
For the record, neither Mr. Tashbin nor I  have any interest in failing any student in this course without a valid reason for doing so and/or have no other recourse under the circumstances.

Having read this posting, if you are one of the students that meets this description here (i.e., you have completed less than 50% of the assignments in this course) and you have an interest in potentially receiving a passing grade for this course, I encourage you to contact your instructor as soon as possible and make an appointment with him to both discuss your situation and determine a course of action that will hopefully result in your receiving a passing grade for this course.

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  1. On behalf of my class of students from a small town in rural South Taranaki I would like to thank all of your students who have been leaving such quality comments on our students blogs through the 'comments4kids' hashtag. It goes without saying that meaningful feedback for students working in any capacity is important, however to receive comments for students working online is extremely important as good quality feedback is sometimes hard to receive. We are currently half way through a two week break in New Zealand between our first and second term, however when we return to class in just over a week I have no doubt that most of the first block of teaching time will be excited students referencing the comments that some of the students from your program have taken the time to write. Thank you so much and if there is anything that we can do to assist in any way from our school please let us know.
    Mr Webb on behalf of Room Three, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki, New Zealand