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Monday, November 10, 2014

Two Important Updates

Change of Plans
Blog Assignments:
1. The assignment originally assigned as Blog Post # 15 due November 30 has been changed to Blogpost #13 and is due November 16. The revised Blogpost Assignments (Version #5) Doc is now available.
2. The assignment for Blog Post #14 (due November 23) will be posted in Version 6 of the Blogpost Assignments later this week.
3. The Blog Post Assignment # 15 (due November 30) has been changed. See the Version #5 of the Blogpost Assignments.

You are to select your own C4T Teacher. You can select anyone from the C4T#3 sheet or you can find your own. When you make a selection send an email to List the mane of your C4T and provide a link to their blog.

1 comment:

  1. Found something pretty cool whille doing C4T this week. My felow history nerds will definitely enjoy. I chose to check out Eric Langhorst's blog because he was in the history category. Looked on his page and found a video about Augmented Reality. This is something they have set up at the Union Station in Kansas City. It is an App that you use in the station and it produces 3d images of historical events that have taken place there. It's kind of hard to explain so you should just check it out. When you click on the blog scroll down to the post labeled: Augmented Reality Brings History Alive at Kansas City's Union Station. Hope everyone enjoys!!