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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Welcome Classes Fall 2014

Dr. Strange watches a demonstration by Mrs. Yollis' students.


This is the EDM310 Class Blog. You will need to review it daily. It is our communication "hub."

The Syllabus and other materials will be posted (links to the right) no later than Monday August 18. They will probably be available earlier than that. Keep looking.

Read the email and follow the instructions in it.
1. Sign up for a gmail account and let know what that email address is. We will ONLY use your Gmail address in EDM310
2. Bring your portable computer to class. If you do not have one we VERY STRONGLY recommend that you get a Mac. ALL teachers in Baldwin County use Macs and about 33% of teachers in Mobile County use them. That means that about 60% of all teachers in Mobile and Baldwin Counties use Macs. You will discover in EDM310 why we feel Macs are your best choice by a wide margin. You can contact me by email for further elaboration.
3. There will be NO computers in the classroom we will use this fall and you will need one for every class, including the first one.
4. Contact us with questions. Contact addresses are in the email I sent to your university jag mail account.

We will see you soon!

John Strange and the EDM310 staff

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