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Monday, March 17, 2014

C4K - Special Instructions

Masthead of Little Voices, Scholars Blog by Jenny She, 2nd grade teacher, Point England School, Auckland, New Zealand
C4K resumes this week.

Special Instructions for C4K This Week

The first teacher on our list is Mrs. Jenny She who teaches second grade at the Pt England School in Auckland, New Zealand. Mrs. She and the Pt. England School have been special friends of EDM310 for a very long tome - almost 5 years now. Mrs. She uses a lot of technology with her second graders. You will be leaving comments on class pages that are organized by student or topic. You must do 3 things before you start leaving your comments on Mrs. She's posts:
1. You must watch the video at the link in Column C of the C4K Assignment Sheet.
2. You must read the Literacy Cycle on the right of the Class Blog
3. You must read the material about Class 18 immediately under the Class 18 picture

After that, find the post for which you are to leave a comment. Find that post by looking for the name/category shown in Column F of the C4K instructions.

Leave your comment on the most recent post for your assigned category/name no matter what the date is on the post.

This is a second grade class in New Zealand. It is assigned to all EDM310 students, even those who will not be teaching elementary students because I want you to understand how one teacher half way around the world uses technology with second graders. That understanding will be needed in a Special Blog Post that all EDM310 students will have to do soon. So don't just leave a comment. Think about how technology is a part of the instructional process. And think about why it is being used.

Mrs. She is expecting your comments. be sure to identify yourself as being in EDM310.

Red Names

Why are some EDM310 student names in red?

Because those students did not post the summary post for C4K comments on time.

Therefore, I assume they have not done their C4K assignments. I will investigate further.

Students who do not do their C4K assignments make me very unhappy which is not a good thing. Why does that make me unhappy? First, I believe you should do all of your assignments on time. Second, and most importantly, I fear some student in some class will not get a comment while his or her classmates will and I do not like that at all.

You are in school to learn. You only learn if you DO. Not doing is not learning. There is much to learn from the way all teachers use technology - no matter what grades or subject matter you will teach! Think about that. A question: Did you also think about the name of the blog for the class? What does it tell us?

Oh, by the way. Can you find Auckland, New Zealand on a map? I would suggest you locate it. I would hope you would do that automatically - without a prod from me.

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  1. Dr. Strange, I didn't see the video that you mentioned should be in column C. This is there:

    Blogging since Year 4 /Now in Year 7/8

    Please let me know if the video is in another place. Thank you.