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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Important Change to Blog Post Assignment #3

experiment went wrong

We did not complete the rubric as fast as I had hoped. Since this is the first semester in which I decided that you would put it to use, I made a guess about timing and I was wrong. That's not the first time I have been wrong! When you conduct experiments (as I am always doing) you seldom get it right the first time. So… I have moved the application of the rubric as an evaluation mechanism for classmates to Blog post #5. That gives us 2 weeks and a mandatory class meeting next week to get things sorted out.

Thanks to several students for raising questions about this.

Another thing: we are now using Blog Post Assignments Version 4. Be sure you are up to date.


  1. So we are just moving blog post #4 up to #3's position? Or were you posting a new addition to the blog posts? Just wanted to double check and make sure I am doing it right. Thanks!

    1. Meagan, I think Dr. Strange fixed it by creating a new version of Blog assignment #3 on the master checklist. I just completed it and there wasn't anything on there concerning the rubric. I think he was posting a warning just in case anyone had the other version printed! I hope this helps! Definitely check back though to make sure I had it right!