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Monday, September 9, 2013

C4K Has Started

Blogging kids

1. Read the instructions for C4Ks EVEN IF YOU HAVE ALREADY READ IT. Read general Rules on p. 14 and specific rules for C4Ks on p. 16 of the Project Instructions. In each of the last two semester problems have arisen with students and teachers because EDM310 students did not read and follow these instructions. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!

2. We will start with Mrs. Martin's 10th grade English Class at Baldwin County High School. Mrs. Martin was my first EDM310 Lab Associate. This is her second year as a teacher - both years teaching 10th grade English at Baldwin County High School.

3. Go to the C4K Doc which will appear in your Doc mid to late afternoon today Monday September 9, 2013.

4. Read the instructions on lines 1-6 of the C4K Assignmenst Doc.

5. You should always try to find the teacher's instructions before you read and leave a comment for the students. Mrs. Martin's instructions are found on the URL shown on the C4K assignment sheet. She has three different classes. The instructions are the same for all three classes. When you click on the URL on the line with your name on it, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!

6. Mrs. Martin has provided these additional comments in an email to me:
Dear Dr. Strange,

Some of my students will not have a post for the This I Believe essay. I had to edit their blogs because of a problem I encountered. The majority of them should have the essay.

I now have 3 different blogs for each class that will be located on my class website.

For the This I Believe essay, students had to state what they believed and give a personal experience that went along with the belief. I am teaching all regular students, and this was their first essay. I had them copy and paste the essay they turned in; therefore, many of them still have grammatical errors. Please tell your students to comment on how well they did explaining their belief. If they would like to include constructive criticism that is okay.

Also, some of my students will have audio recordings of them reading their essay. If your students want to listen they can!!!


Jamie Lynn

7. Click on the URL on the line with your name in Columns A and B. Read Mrs. Martin's assignment This I Believe.

8. To find your student's blog, go to the URL provided. Scroll down and find the name of your student in the right column. Click on the name of your student.

9. Be sure to include your name, that you are a student in EDM310 at USA, and a link to your blog. To create a link to your blog you must know what we covered in all classes last week.

You can see what Blogger does by creating a link in Blogger. You can also review how Mrs. Yollis' third graders create links by reading #3 of the instructions on p. 13 of the Activities Manual and by going to the link HTML Instructions for 3rd Graders in Mrs. Yollis' Class . I also created a video today that is now on YouTube: Creating Links with HTML Code

a) You are not the student's peer
b) Your are not the student's teacher
c) You have been invited to leave comments that follow the instructions of Mrs. Martin, the teacher, that are listed above
d) You are a visitor who lets the student know that the world can visit their blog
e) You are a visitor who encourages good work shared with the world
f) You are a visitor that invites a response to your blog with a working link in your comment

NOTE Mrs. Martin informs me that the students who have no post will have them by tomorrow Tuesday 9/10/13. in order to try and help her get all of her students to post to their blog, I agreed to ask you to wait until late Tuesday (or later) to try and leave a comment for those students of Mrs. Martin who still have not posted. If your last name falls between Lusker and Westry, please wait until 4pm Tuesday to try to leave a comment. If you do not wait you will find no post. Thanks from me and Mrs. Martin. She thinks this will get most of the students to finish their posts.

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