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Monday, April 22, 2013

Special Assignment: Due Wednesday midnight 4/24/2013


This assignment is for the 32 people who did only HALF of the Blog Post Assignment #13 which was due last night (4/21/2013). If you did both parts this SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT does not apply to you

Here are the totals for Blog Post #13:

Did both parts of the assignment: 40
Did not do either of the assignments: 14
Only did Part 2 of the Assignment (Paul Andersen): 3
Only did part 1 of the assignment (Crosby): 1

Here is the assignment as found in the Blogpost Assignments p. 21:
Blog Post 13 Due 4/21

1. Watch Brian Crosby, Agnes Risley Elementary School, Sparks, Nevada, Back To the Future (17:43)
Mr Chamberlain suggested via email:"Brian Crosby's presentation at TedX Denver would be a great video for your students because it illustrates how one topic can encompass a huge range of learning."

2. Mr. Paul Andersen is a high school AP Biology teacher in Bozeman, Montana. (Look around his blog. You may find some helpful tips and tools.) Watch the Blended Learning Cycle, summarize the strategy that Mr. Andersen uses, and explain how you feel about his strategy. Send Mr. Andersen a thank you tweet (@paulandersen). Include #edm310 in the tweet so I will see it. Recommended by Khushbu Patel (Fall 2012).
Note: I have corrected the spelling of Mr. Andersen's name.

Yes, the 31 of you who did not do Part 1 (or the single person who did not do Part 2) but did do the other half of the assignment will still have the opportunity of doing the other half BY MIDNIGHT WEDNESDAY 4/24/2013 without penalty even though you did not follow the instructions on p. 7 of the Blogpost Instructions which read:
In ALL Blog Posts follow the requirements found in
Writing A Quality Blog Post
(whether or not that is specifically specified in the assignment)
ALL blog assignments require a written response whether that is specified or not.
ADD the missing part to the existing post for Blogpost #13. DO NOT create a new post!

In addition, this is a good way for me to see who is still reading the blog everyday. Things like this can move a person from - to + and vice versa.


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