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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wrapping Up the Semester

Wrapping Up

Some Final Things You Must Do

1. The BlogAssignments document has been changed again. The change today was to emphasize that the Final Reflection (due Sunday December 11) is to be focused on how you have grown (or not grown), how you have succeeded (or fallen short), what you have learned) or failed to understand), how you are different as a result of EDM310. This is YOUR REFLECTION about yourself. It is not an evaluation of EDM310. You will do that in a questionnaire the final week.

2. Next week is Mandatory Attendance Week. If you are not here next week your final grade will be reduced by 1/2 a letter grade.

3. Pay for Foliotek BEFORE you come to class next week. We will do Foliotek in class. If you have not paid for it, you cannot do it. NOTE: If you are taking EDM310 for recertification, or if you are a major in another college and not in the College of Education, you are exempt from Foliotek.


  1. Just a couple of questions. Where do we pay Foliotek at? And can we still attend the Wednesday night session at 6:00-8:00pm next week?
    I also love the cat picture!

  2. I'm sorry. I meant where do we pay for Foliotek at?

  3. 1. Sign on to USA Online (J#, last 4 of Social). Click Foliotek in middle of page. Follow instructions.

    2. OK Wed 6-8:30 (not 8:00!

    3. Thanks