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Monday, November 7, 2011

C4K # 10 Due 11/13/11 - SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS

Mrs. Yollis' Class Blog


C4K Assignment #10 Due 11/13/2011 is a different kind of assignment than usual. It has two distinct parts. Part 1 is different than what you normally are assigned to do. Read these instructions CAREFULLY.

Part 1.
A.You will be visiting Ms. Yollis' 3rd Grade Class in California. Do you know who Ms. Yollis is? She is the teacher who rejected 3 comments from EDM310 students because they did not meet her spelling, punctuation and grammar rules for 3rd graders. I hope you have read the post How's Your A? Some of You Wont't Make It Through the 3rd Grade. PROOFREAD your comment. I do not want an email from Ms. Yollis about your spelling, punctuation or grammar!
B: Thoroughly examine Ms. Yollis' Class Blog. That means clicking on all links and tabs; reviewing the material in the blog; exploring and understanding how she uses her blog; how she involves the students; how she involves parents; how she involves classes from around the world. Think about the instructional purposes of her blog. Be sure you watch the video on how to comment. You should also see the Cluster Map of visitors to her blog. Her count started just 2 days before EDM310's did. How do the number of visits compare? I ask you this to demonstrate that you must keep your eyes open AND think when you review her class blog. Ask yourself similar questions. Click on ALL links.
C: When you have finished this part of your assignment, write a thorough description and analysis of Mrs. Yollis' Class Blog, and all of its parts and links. Publish your post. This concludes Part 1 of your C4K#10 assignment.
Part 2 consists of a standard comment on some portion of Mrs. Yollis' Class Blog. Specific instructions are found in the C4K Assignment in your Google Docs. REMEMBER: PROOFREAD your comment before you click the OK button!

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