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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mid Term Reflection


One of the questions I asked on the Mid term Reflection had to do with grades. Twenty-seven out of 30 active students replied to the questionnaire (90%). I agreed with the self-assigned grades in 78% (21) of the cases. In 3 cases I would have given an A in instances where the student gave themselves a B. In 3 cases I would have given a lower grade (1 B instead of an A; 1 C instead of a B; 1 D instead of a C). Poor writing explains every one of these cases. I have urged all three of these students to consider consulting the Writing Lab.

Of the three who did not complete the questionnaire and attend the two required classes on time, one has a medical excuse. The other two will have any grade I gave them (and will give them) reduced by one letter grade for not completing the questionnaire and attending the required class.

Here are the totals:
Student self-grades: A-17; B-6;C-4;D-0 Total 27
Dr. Strange: A-20; B-2; C-4; D-3; I (Medical)-1 Total 30

It would be better if we just determined when you had the skills, abilities and interest to move forward. Unfortunately, we have to give grades. And you will also (most likely).

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  1. I love the photo Dr. Strange! I can't believe the semester is half over! I miss your class. :)