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Monday, May 2, 2011

Foliotek Instructions Spring 2011

You need:
1. The URL for your EDM310 blog
2. The URL for the the EDM310 Class Blog. You should know that by now. And you are probably reading this while on the Class Blog so I do not have to repeat the URL here.
3. You will have to know the six standards for EDM310. They are in the Syllabus on p. 2. I have also listed them here with the categories under which they fall:
Literacy: Oral and Written Communications (iii)
(3)(c) 1.(iii) Knowledge of media communication technologies that enrich learning opportunities.
Literacy: Technology (i, ii and iv)
(3)(c) 4.(i) Knowledge of available and emerging technologies that support the learning of all students.
(3)(c) 4.(ii) Knowledge of the wide range of technologies that support and enhance instruction, including
classroom and school resources as well as distant learning and online learning opportunities
(3)(c) 4.(iv) Ability to facilitate students’ individual and collaborative use of technology, including
classroom resources as well as distance and online learning opportunities when available and appropriate.
(3)(c) 4.(vi)
Professionalism: Ethics (ii and iv)
(5)(c) 5.(ii) Knowledge of safe, responsible, legal and ethical uses of technologies including fair-use and
copyright guidelines and internet-user protection policies.
(5)(c) 5.(iv) Ability to practice safe, responsible, legal, and ethical use of technology and comply with school and district acceptable-use policies including fair-use and copyright guidelines and Internet-user
protection policies.

4. You will have to know how to access and how Foliotek works. Watch the Video
You can also watch the movie Foliotek Instructions Fall 2010 on YouTube.
If YouTube gives you problems, you can watch, or download to your computer the Foliotek Instructions from My Gallery.
5. REMEMBER that for your first standard you Add a File and then click Add External File or URL and then CORRECTLY paste the URL (be sure there is only ONE http://). You do this for BOTH URLs
6. REMEMBER that after your first standard is complete you ALWAYS Add File - Add Existing File and check both URLs.
7. REMEMBER you must check to see that you have added both the Class Blog (Friendly Name EDM310 Class Blog) and Your EDM310 Class Blog (Friendly name My EDM310 Class Blog or Your Name’s EDM310 Class Blog). Go to Files in the tabs in the middle at the top of Foliotek. Look for the Friendly Names EDM310Class Blog and My EDM310 Class Blog or Your Name’s EDM310 Class Blog. There should BE ONLY ONE OF EACH. If there is more than one you did not follow the instructions (see #6 above). You will have to remove the offending files. You will need help from one of the lab assistants.
8. You must check to make sure that the link works and goes to the correct place.
9. You must make sure that all 6 of the standards are assigned to each of the “files” (really URLs)
10. You must then ask for one of the teaching staff to check your Foliotek. This must be done IN PERSON and IN THE LAB before 5pm Thursday May 5, 2011.

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