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Monday, May 10, 2010

Final Grades Submitted

Final grades have been submitted for all classes to the Registrar and will be posted according to the Registrar's schedule.

Final grades for classes with instructors other than Dr. Strange were recommended by the instructor but approved by Dr. Strange who read all final reflective posts and surveys as well as final exams and, in some cases the student's blog and other projects. If there was a question about the grade to be awarded, Dr. Strange discussed it at length with an instructor until an agreement was reached. This happened in approximately 12 instances. Some grades were improved as a result. Some were reduced.

If you got an I it is because you did not complete Foliotek (except in one instance in which the I was for medical reasons). In either event, the I will automatically convert to an F if all work (and/or Foliotek) is not completed by Thursday July 2, 2010 at midnight. Foliotek is closed until June 1 so no completions of Foliotek can take place until after that date.

Good luck to all of you.

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